That 70’s Cher: An Icon in Denim


There  are really only a handful of people who have managed to stay in the public eye year after year, but for six decades? While for most of us, we think of Cher as the dance music goddess with elaborately naked costumes, and sometimes stars in cheesy but oh-so-good movies of the late 80’s and 90’s.  She was also a major force in the 70’s. First as one half of a folk-rock duo and television variety show, Sonny & Cher, aside from their music, they wore unisex clothes which was revolutionary for the time. For us looking back at them, there was a delightful amount of denim. What else can you expect from the 70’s? As the decade moved on, her life and career moved on, Cher’s off-duty style incorporated a lot of denim, at the airport, shopping, running errands, even in jeans she still looked fabulous in thigh-high boots or glamorously oversized sunglasses. Of course, that gorgeous long flowing black hair didn’t hurt either.

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She’s not in denim here… but I just had to post. I mean, she’s WALKING DOWN THE STREET in just a leotard, fishnets and a cowboy hat. Flippin’ awesome.


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