Thanks to Endless Variety, Denim Is Back

Photo by Daniela Dávila

Sneakily, without us even noticing, denim sales increased last year for the first time in six years. We had foolishly taken for granted that the rise of athleisure was continuing to eclipse denim. Little did we know, jeans were steadily making their way back into favor among consumers.

The Atlantic confirms our suspicion that jeans will never die:

Before 2018, the American jeans market had been in decline for half a decade. Consumers turned to stretchy pants and leggings, spurring many nervous whispers in the fashion industry about denim’s demise. Now, thanks to a confluence of factors, it’s clear that the death of denim was largely exaggerated. Not only is America getting a little bored of its black leggings, but jeans are back and, in many ways, bigger—and wider, skinnier, shorter, and more varied—than ever.

Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s senior vice president of design innovation told The Atlantic what we’re well aware of: jeans have a unique character that leggings cannot compete with: “It gives authenticity to an outfit. You look less pretentious when you offset your wardrobe with something so democratic.”

Denim designers and retailers, it seems, have risen to the challenge, offering such a varied selection of jeans that there’s something out there to appeal to just about anyone. And consumer have unprecedented access to the plethora of styles with the internet serving it all up simultaneously.

Depending on whom you ask, the big thing right now might be mom jeans. It might be wide-legged cropped jeans. It might be skinny cropped flares. It might not be jeans at all, but denim jackets or overalls.

Another huge factor is celebrities, who can only be snapped by the paps in black leggings so many times.




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