#TBT: 14 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Wearing Denim


There are plenty of fascinating people in history, but if anyone would be surprised by their own legacy, it would be Marilyn Monroe. On so many levels, she was as complex a human as any of us, yet in her own time was seen merely as a bombshell. Intelligent, talented and beautiful, she continues to intrigue us decades after her early death. One thing I never thought of when imagining Marilyn, was denim. In a time where women didn’t really wear jeans, there is quite an archive of Marilyn in denim. ┬áPartially due to the Misfits film, where she iconically wears double denim for her role. But also in the earlier Norma Jean photos with her natural brunette hair.

It’s also interesting to see how far jeans have evolved in the cut and fit for women. Even though she looks amazing, the fit is not quite as precise as a modern jean. Then again, even I had trouble loving jeans until spandex┬ámade it’s way into the denim market. That said, I’m loving some of the cuffing with the super high waist on these jeans. Will have to take notes and investigate how to recreate that look!
marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_13 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_12 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_11 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_10 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_9 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_8 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_7 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_6 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_5 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_4 marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_3marilyn_monroe_denim_jeans_1




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  1. June 26, 2014 / 2:59 pm

    All of these photos of Marilyn are so fabulous that it’s hard to pick a favorite! But the first and last are both amazing.

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