St Style: Denim on Mott St

image by Jennine Jacob

This morning I was awoken by, besides my usual alarm clock, an email that stated, “Spring Is Here!” Naturally, this excites me and my hopes are high, but NYC is still experiencing some cool temperatures…  So I’m still a bit skeptical, however, the other day Jennine Jacob and I took a little walk through Nolita to snap some St Style and we were pleasantly pleased with the results and the weather for that matter.

Top buttons on overcoats were beginning to be left undone allowing all a glimpse of what style lay underneath. We ran into a lovely lady and her adorable dog on Mott St. We immediately noticed her denim jacket peeking out from under her leopard coat. You can imagine how excited we were because her entire look was also one we admire. The harem pants, the a-symmetrical cotton tee, the top knot, the glasses the combat boots! OH my, it was fantastic. This ended up being another great inspirational find for spring transitioning.

How do you make the transition? Let us know.


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