Shall We Give Pleated Jeans a Chance?

Pleated jeans may be the most hated denim style of all. And yet, they persist. I have to admit I have a soft spot for the style. In high school (in the ’80s!), a pleated pair of Zena jeans were my #1 favorites.

Lately, I’ve been considering giving the style a try again, and the specimens below are making a pretty good argument in the pleated jean’s favor.

3×1 pleated oversized trouser jeans, $265

PRPS Astro pleated trouser jeans, $228

One by zCavaricci Cateye trousers, $245

PRPS Copo wide-leg trouser jeans, $258

Tortoise Coryne culotte jeans $360

Ella Moss Wyatt pants, $150

Ulla Johnson Emmit trouser jeans, $300

Ksenia Schrader dark blue denim demi dungarees, $384


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