SF Looks: San Francisco Style Through a Scandinavian Eye


Just when you think you know your city, someone comes along and shows it to you with fresh eyes. I had written off San Francisco as the place where tech startup tee-shirts come to die, and long time street style blogger from Helsinki, Liisa Jokinen made the move a to the bay and started up SF Looks, the San Francisco sister of Hel Looks. There are a few street style bloggers who photograph outside the expected fashion week circuit, (Fasionist, is another based in San Francisco). Anyway, it’s interesting to see how people can spot out of a crowd like-minds. Jokinen has a way of finding a Scandinavian twist on a very Californian scene. And the denim! No jeans and tech-startup teeshirts here. High waisted boyfriend jeans, cut-off mens shorts, black denim on black denim. So cool.

sf-looks_denim3sf-looks_denim11 sf-looks_denim8 sf-looks_denim9sf-looks_denim7 sf-looks_denim6 sf-looks_denim5sf-looks_denim1sf-looks_denim2All images from SF Looks



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