Reformation Introduces Denim

I had the opportunity recently to check out Reformation’s new tech-enabled store in San Francisco’s Mission District at 914 Valencia Street. The dressing room situation is pretty interesting and definitely worth a look if you’re in the area. It has a magic wardrobe that lets you request items from a touchscreen in the dressing room, and an attendant brings the garments to you through a hidden door, eliminating the need to get dressed and undressed again when you need a new size or color. I wrote all about it here, check it out!

I was excited to try on Reformation’s brand new denim. When I chatted with the brand’s founder, Yael Aflalo, she mentioned this was her first foray into denim and she hoped it would be received well. Personally, I loved it. The high waisted design hugged my curves with no gap at the waist, which almost never happens. Check out all the styles below and shop at the site if you’re not in L.A., SF or New York where the brands four brick and mortar stores are located.





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