Reader Spotlight: My Clay Experience’s Extensive Denim Collection!

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Today we’re going to meet one of our most fabulous readers, Q from My Clay Experience. I see a lot of bloggers out there, but very few really, really have an extensive denim collection like Q does. She pushes the envelope with her style while working jeans into her looks quite regularly. It’s so inspiring to see how she changes her looks depending on where she is as she lives between London and Los Angeles. Here she talks about how she chooses her jeans and dishes advice on how to get the perfect jean (at least close anyway…)


ESD: Your denim collection seems quite extensive, with 7 for Mankind, Current/Elliott, ANINE BING, MiH Jeans…. the list goes on. What is your favorite pair of jeans & why?

Q: I have a few faves, but all for the same reason.. Anine Bing, FRAME Denim and [7] For All Mankind, they have different cuts to them but they all keep their shape… That for me is the most important when I am buying, they must keep their shape.

ESD: Why do you have so many pairs of jeans? đŸ˜‰

Q: I travel quite a lot and live half the year in London and the other half in LA with bout back home to NY in between it all, so I have clothes everywhere! Each place has a different “feel” so I dress accordingly… Also, I like to have variety with jeans, for example, I would need a dark wash skinny, straight, distressed, then I would need a crop in the same variation… and so on. I am the same with shoes (but a lot worse) I need a black stiletto in all heights with different finish: suede, patent, etc.

ESD: What denim trends are you craving right now?

Q: I know this going to sound odd coming from someone who blogs, but I really don’t “do” trends… I purchase and wear things I like and if it happens to be having a “moment,” that that is sheer coincidence… I am all for investment pieces… so I don’t mind throwing $300 for a piece of denim or any clothing that I know is timeless.

I see distressed denim as having a global moment… but for me? It never went anywhere! I have been wearing it for years.

ESD: If you could give our readers on piece of denim advice, what would it be?

Q: Don’t be afraid to alter! I once found the perfect wash on a bootcut jean, but I wanted it in skinny so I purchased and altered… If everything is right but the waist, purchase and alter! As a lover of jeans, I can safely say there is no “perfect jean” I have come close to it straight off the rack but it still needed a little nip and tuck to push it to perfection.

ESD: We all know what you CAN wear jeans with, but what would you NEVER wear jeans with?

Q: I would rock a hot skinny pair under a couture dress if the feeling took me! To say “never” is restricting… as what doesn’t feel right now… may feel perfect later. It’s all about expression and how an outfit makes you feel, so there are no rule, denim is hard working in any closet… it’s the only piece of attire that offers the most freedom and versatility… it goes with absolutely everything if you want it to!

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    Love her!! Great interview.

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