Rainbow Jeans and Cutoffs to Kick Off Summer Properly

Madewell Emmett jeans, $118

Rainbow motifs and long summer nights are a match made in denim heaven. Think lounging on a Mexican blanket by a fire at the the beach with your favorite people. Delicious beverages and seventies vibes abound. Sigh, I want to go to there right away!

But since my vacation isn’t until next week, in the meantime I’ll just daydream about wearing rainbow jeans. I might even buy a pair—the Mother Emmett jeans are calling my name!

Mother The Tomcat jeans, $238

Mother The Smooth Hustler jeans, $248

Lee Vintage Modern cutoff shorts, $68

Lee Vintage Modern cutoff shorts (darker wash), $68

Ganni color wash denim shorts, $207





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