Palazzo Jeans: That’s a lot of Denim

Is Jennifer Lopez the only person on earth who can pull off denim palazzo pants? Possibly. The model above is doing OK though, I would argue.

Many years ago, when the low rise trend was still going strong, I purchased a pair of black AG low-rise bell-bottom jeans that verged into palazzo territory. They were my go-tos for forever, and I still have them tucked into a drawer. Having loved them so, I can’t bear to let them go, even though I’m quite sure I’ll never again don a low-rise style.

Meanwhile, this Frame style (Le Palazzo, $255) is the closest I’ve see to my beloved AG’s, but with an appealingly high waist.

As I mentioned, none of my jeans fit me at the moment, and trust me, I realize the irony of writing a denim blog when you can’t really wear any denim. But I’ve given myself a deadline to get back in the denim game: If my jeans don’t fit by March, with a heavy sigh I will acquiesce to my new size. And I think these will be my first purchase.



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  1. January 22, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    Your jeans is so beaautiful..

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