More Ways to Wear Your Denim Shirt

I live in my denim blouse. There’s a good chance you do too. Why not right? But I’m pretty casual most of the time (working from home and all) so it’s sometime a challenge to find new ways to pair and style my chambray shirt for meetings, or just different events other than ones that warrants a Canadian tux. Here are a couple more dressed up options I’ve tried lately! They’re pretty easy too. And great for the transition from fall into spring.

Tuck into a Skirt

This looks is the easiest way to fancy up a denim shirt! Any skirt works (although I’m leaning towards the longer the better). Just tuck your blouse, throw on some heels, a cute clutch and you’re ready for fashion week, or dinner out.




Layer under a Sweater

This look is great for both more buttoned-up occasions (meeting, work) or even a fun night out, depending on how you style. Don’t forget to throw on a statement necklace too. Always a good idea.



(images via Pinterest)


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