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I know, I know, you’re thinking… “But it’s the end of summer!” Well, if the last few years are any indication, white jeans are now an all year thing. You also might be thinking, “But white jeans are so much work!” Well, that might be true, but if your white jeans are ripped… they might be less work! I’ve been loving these ripped white jeans for about a year or so, but still haven’t taken the plunge. It’s been a while since I bought a pair of jeans, but I’m thinking the next pair will be white, and ripped. I already have Frame Le Skinny Ripped jeans in black, but maybe it’s time for them in white.

Are  you eyeing white jeans for fall and winter?

white_ripped_jeans9 white_ripped_jeans8 white_ripped_jeans7 white_ripped_jeans6 white_ripped_jeans5white_ripped_jeans white_ripped_jeans4 white_ripped_jeans3 white_ripped_jeans2 white_ripped_jeans_sincerely_julesImages from: Fashion Vibe, Veronica Loves Archie, CO DE +  / F_ORM, Polienne, Death by Elocution, Sincerely Jules   


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