Mira Mikati Denim

Lebanese-born, Paris-raised Mira Mikati has a singular goal when it comes to fashion: make it fun. It’s not brain surgery, people. Let’s crack a smile about it.

She has 100% succeeded in that goal with her line of colorful, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, and more, all of which are infused with perfectly-placed pops of color, patches, and embroidery. But with all that whimsy, Mikati doesn’t sacrifice anything at all—each piece is perfectly tailored. But what we’re really interested in, naturally, is the denim. Aesthetically I’m so all about matching suit-like sets, and this set is really tugging at those desires. With the just-right touches of rainbow and ric-rac style details along the seams and pocket, these might seem trendy, but won’t go out of style. 



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