Madewell x Where I Was From Pink Jeans: Not 2012’s Colored Denim

Trends turn over much faster these days than in decades past—I blame the internet and the mini attention spans it produces. As recently as five years ago, skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow were a thing. And now colored denim is back, albeit in most cases in a subtler form.

What you see before you is that shade of pink that you can’t escape (and that you kind of don’t want to), and it was only a matter of time before someone made a pair of jeans in it. It’s barely a color, but somehow evokes spring and all that is fresh and new. Personally I have a love-hate relationship with this hue—but I totally want these jeans.

The jeans are a collab between Madewell and vintage cult favorite Where I Was From, which I’ve just recently discovered and now am obsessed with.
madewell millennial pin jeans




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