M.i.h Gets Personal With Custom Embroidery + Funk and Flash Patches

M.i.h is known for being right in tune with that ’70s denim vibe that’s all the rage at the moment, and they’re taking it to another level with the Denim Girls Project, a collection of denim pieces that the brand will customize with embroidery or patches. The patches are a collaboration with the iconic 1974 publication Native Funk & Flash, which is back in print.


The denim brand is offering rope stitching on collars, waistbands and wrists, custom cuts including cuff and collar removal and tassels added to belt loops the yokes of denim jackets—you choose where you want the customization placed. The waistband and hem options are free, stitching is $20-$25 and patches are $45.


Customization seems to be a growing trend; Levi’s and Madewell recently offered similar service. If you want to try your hand at customizing your jeans on your own, check out our posts on the topic:





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