Last Minute Halloween: 4 Chic Denim Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely love dressing up, and relish the challenge of pulling together a great costume from my closet, vintage shops and wherever else I might need to. However, as a 20-something you’re often faced with dressing up multiple times over the course of a weekend, and putting together more than one stellar costume can feel next-to-impossible. If you find yourself in a jam this weekend, why not throw together one of these super-easy costumes that involve just a dash of denim and a little creativity.

Rachel Zoe

This is an easy one! Just pair some super flared or trouser jeans with extra tall shoes, large, round sunglasses, tons of gold jewelry and a faux fur vest. Extra points for carrying around a Venti Starbucks cup and saying “That’s bananas,” all the time. Oh, and if you can, get a guy friend to dress up as Brad or Roger.

Urban Cowgirl

I ask you: What is more on-trend right now than denim on denim? You probably already own a cool chambray or denim shirt, and I hope a pair of jeans or denim shorts. Tie your shirt at the waist or tuck it in; add turquoise jewelry, feathers, western boots and a hat. Holster and water-guns optional.

Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riviter is even easier than a cowgirl. Take the same denim-on-denim pieces but make sure to get a good roll in the sleeve of your shirt – to show off your biceps. Tie a red bandana in your hair and seriously – you’re done. If anyone asks you any questions all night, just say, “We can do it!”

Sandy From Grease

To pull together the bad-girl look from the end of Grease, pair your skinniest coated denim with an off-the-shoulder black top and a bold red lip. If you can’t find an off-the-shoulder top, just pull down the straps of a tank like this one or cut the neck of a plain black t-shirt and belt it to give it a more body-con fit. The final touch is some high-heeled red shoes and a leather jacket.

Happy Halloween!


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