Jeans of the Week: Goldsign The Pleat Curve

GOLDSIGN The Pleat Curve JeansGoldsign The Pleat Curve jeans, $325

Sometimes light colors—pastels and even white—are just the thing to provide some levity on a dreary day. Especially if the white comes in the form of Chuck Taylor All Stars, and also especially if the super light wash denim has pleats.

Pleats, like them or not, are very much happening at the moment and I have to admit I’m feeling a bit of happy nostalgia for them. They’re looking very cute with this tucked-in, happy-stripe sweater, and they do provide some room for said sweater. I wore and loved pleated Zena jeans in the ’80s—they were my go-tos!

Pleats are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and I will admit that when I met my husband he was wearing pleated khakis and I thought they were hilarious. But hey, with age comes lots of things including tolerance—perhaps even an affinity—for pleats.


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