Is it socially acceptable to wear overalls?

by Kristen Philipkoski

There’s a bit of advice floating around: “If you were around the first time a trend came around, don’t wear it again.” When I was in high school, overalls were popular, along with striped tee shirts, Doc Martins and button down shirts buttoned up all the way. Ah, the 90’s.

As 90’s retro comes to fruition, overalls have been popping up here and there. Not that I loved them the first time around…but it’s fun to take on a challenge with something stylishly questionable. I ordered the Current / Elliott overall denim dress.

The Denim

I’m a big fan of Current/Elliot denim. It’s often super soft, with the perfect amount of grain in the wash. It just feels like gourmet denim. The overalls have the texture Current/Elliot is known for. Also, in my experience with Current/Elliot the sizing is often generous as well. Fearing the sizing being too small for a style that should be relaxed I ordered a size up… it wasn’t necessary. Luckily the straps are adjustable so I could play around with the oversized look.

Styling Challenge

When I first put on the overalls, I thought wearing them with a button down shirt it could look cute… it didn’t. Approaching  the overalls for what they were didn’t get me far… but approaching them as a sun dress to be layered really helped. I wore a body suit underneath to not offend anyone…and paired it with a classic black blazer, and heels. To keep the summer spirit, added in a straw fedora… and wella! An styled outfit both sophisticated enough, retro with a modern twist. I’d say it was a fun challenge, and now I’m open to the possibilities of overalls.


  • Styleabaad

    I think with the right styling it works! I was around the first time they were popular but now I’d obviously style it differently… Less grunge 😉 This is how I wear mine:

  • alixrose

    I was ready to say a big no to overalls, but then you had to go and look cute in them.
    I do know that its not the right look for me, but for other such as yourself its a big Yes from me.
    Love that you dressed it up with a blazer and heels.

  • abi

    Amen alixrose!
    I had the exact same reaction. Overalls? Uh, what were you thinking? Then I clicked and thought, ok, maybe. Such a fine line between stylish-retro and ugly-dated. You’re pulling it off, baby! Only wish I could be so creative with my wardrobe.


  • rachel

    i never thought i’d say it but wow: totally adorable look. i love it! who knew overalls could be pulled off so well!!

  • Betsy

    I always have and always will love overalls. But aside from that I think this skirt/dress pair worn with the blazer is so fresh and adorable no one will blink at the fact you are wearing overalls. Not the least bit Farmer Bob.

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