Icons in Denim: Winona Ryder


I couldn’t really say what my life would be like if it weren’t for Winona Ryder. It feels weird to say that, especially since I only follow celebrity stuff for fun. Even though she didn’t write the parts she played, Winona made weird, off-beat, irreverent female archetype accessible. She articulated the complexity of the good girl / bad girl like no one has before or since. Lydia in Beetlejuice, Veronica in Heathers brought irreverence to the mainstream. Impressionable as I was, she was kind my idol growing up, even if at the time I would never admit it. I mean, she was engaged to JOHNNY DEPP! Anyway, today I’m dedicating this post to Winona and her looks in denim from back in the day. That perfect boyfriend jean (they were just regular jeans back then) with a leather jacket and tee-shirt with combat boots is just timeless. Her oversized denim jackets would be the hottest denim piece you can wear this season. And her bob-haircut (I mean, after all, Beyonce just got a bob) is perfect as well.

So basically, I’m still looking up to Winona.


winona_ryder_denim12 winona_ryder_denim11 winona_ryder_denim10 winona_ryder_denim9 winona_ryder_denim8 winona_ryder_denim7 winona_ryder_denim6 winona_ryder_denim5 winona_ryder_denim4 winona_ryder_denim3 winona_ryder_denim2 winona_ryder_denim1


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