Icons in Denim: Peggy Lipton



To be honest, I only really found out about Peggy Lipton while looking up Rashida Jones. Peggy Lipton, and actress and model,  is the mother of Rashida Jones.  She was most famous for two roles, one as a flower child in the hit 60’s television show, the Mod Squad, and then as the waitress at the diner in Twin Peaks, as well as being famous for being the wife of legendary producer, Quincy Jones, she also is the mother of two very talented actresses.

Aside from the Hollywood story, her style, when it comes to denim is actually quite timeless. Sticking to dark wash jeans, crisp and well-fitted, she did not indulge too much in the trendy over the top denim pieces worn by many during the late 60’s. She stuck to tee shirts, button downs and crew neck sweaters, all pretty much what you could wear today without looking like a time warp. Even her hair is timelessly perfect.

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