Icons in Denim: Francoise Hardy


When it comes to great style, it’s hard to compete with Parisians. One of my favorite genres of music is 1960’s French Pop, and one cannot discuss this topic without talking about Francoise Hardy. Aside from her music, which transports you to the set of a French New Wave film, she has impeccable, and timeless style.

If there were anything that proves that a pair of jeans and a button down shirt or cropped sweater will stand the test of time, it’s these photos of Hardy from the 1960’s and 70’s. My favorites were those of her wearing white jeans. She could wear them so naturally, which I’ve always struggled with. White jeans are amazing, but they have a way of standing out too much… so I am definitely¬†taking notes. ¬†francoise_hardy_denim10 francoise_hardy_denim9 francoise_hardy_denim8 francoise_hardy_denim7 francoise_hardy_denim6 francoise_hardy_denim5 francoise_hardy_denim4 francoise_hardy_denim3 francoise_hardy_denim2 francoise_hardy_denim1


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