Icons in Denim: Charlotte Rampling


Charlotte Rampling first appeared on my radar in the film the Swimming Pool, which is actually came quite late in her career. I loved the movie, but in it, she played a dowdy and uptight old woman. For me, I was shocked when I discovered that she is more known for her sex appeal and sizzling hotness. Even now, landing gigs as the face of the NARS this year, she is as beautiful as ever. But in true Throwback Thursday form, we’re focusing on the past, and photos of Charlotte Rampling in the 60’s and 70’s she had a style about her that looks as current today as it did back then. She has nailed the tomboy style with her wide-legged trouser jeans and high waist jeans paired with button down tops and riding boots. It makes me think it’s time to revisit the riding boot with jeans tucked in.


charlotte_rampling_denim8 charlotte_rampling_denim7 charlotte_rampling_denim6 charlotte_rampling_denim5 charlotte_rampling_denim4 charlotte_rampling_denim3




LOVE this “mommy & me” look in Overalls


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