I Can’t With How Cute These Embroidered Cat Jeans Are

Sometimes I feel like the height of fashion is when a style is borderline wrong, but just on the right side of really right. Think about mom jeans, dad sneakers, oversized aviator glasses—they have all been generally considered ugly in the past. They very well might go back into that zone in the future. (And of course not every gets it and for whom these items will remain firmly in the “what are you thinking” category.)

I don’t know if it’s timing or the right styling or just the right attitude on the right celebrity or blogger than can transform what was once the antithesis of fashion into the pinnacle.

All this is to say that I’m finding myself looking at these mom jeans with embroidered kitty cats peeking out of the front and back pockets (Paul & Joe Farniente Jeans, $137) and imagining my mother wearing them in the ’80s and simultaneously wanting very much to wear them right now.

Thank you, Paul & Joe Sister for giving me all these feelings.

And bless you for making a matching jean jacket.


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