How to Wear Denim in Hot Weather? Skirt the Issue With These 6 Pieces

MSGM denim peplum skirt, $350

Wearing denim during the hot summer months sounds less than appealing, especially when you add heatwaves and humidity to the equation. But you don’t have to banish your beloved denim when hot weather strikes, just keep it looser and lighter.

These six denim skirts are good to go even when temps surpass 80 degrees, which from the perspective of my California beachside coastal town where the temperature rarely gets past 70 in the summer, is difficult to imagine. But I did grow up experiencing oppressively hot and humid Pennsylvania summers, so I sure have been there.

One thing I remember about east coast summers at the beach—I spent a summer at the Jersey Shore (long before the show) and one on Cape Cod (doesn’t that sound fancy because it was not—we packed 10 girls into a three bedroom house). There was something appealing when the day began to cool about throwing on denim shorts and a denim jacket or shirt. After washing the salt and sand out of our hair, rinsing of the sunscreen and  applying that blue eyeshadow that was requisite in the ’80s, denim felt sexy in a secure in a protected way.

So don’t wait until fall to wear your denim. Here are six skirts that will provide a welcome, structured break from flowy kaftans and sundresses.

R13 Norbury denim skirt, $450

One Teaspoon super high waist skirt, $108

R13 high rise mini skirt, $365

Ksenia Schnaider reworked denim skirt, $465

ei8htdreams reworked ruffle denim skirt, $137 (down from $196)



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