How To Stay Warm in your Denim Jacket

We fancy a denim jacket all year around, so there’s no stopping us from charging through the cold (and even snow) in our denim jackets. It just takes a little creativity and a lot of layers!  Here are a few basic but highly-useful pointers for staying warm (while cool 😉 ) in your denim jacket.


It’s true what they say. Keep your head and hands warm! And the neck is important as well. Especially in the snow, make sure to layer up with a super-chunky wool scarf, hat and gloves. Cover all your bases.



One of the added bonus’ of a denim jacket is that they are fun to layer. Either layer with cozy items underneath like a long sleeve top and sweatshirt or sweater, but also add a long warm coat over. We love the idea of a sleeveless coat.




Another, and one of the easiest options is to buy your warmth with the denim jacket. Shearling lined jackets are adorable and cozy. Or just lined denim jackets in general are a must. You can also add your own lining if crafty!


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