How To Channel Your Inner Cowgirl With Just the Right Amount of Denim

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, we celebrated at a farm with pony rides, a choo-choo train, a petting zoo and all sorts of other western-style things little kids love. It was a full-on cowboy-slash-farm themed event.

Once that I had the cake, the party favors and the rest of the western-themed accoutrements, I had one more important decision to make: what was *I* going to wear?

I’m all about the cowboy theme, but I didn’t want to go fullĀ Britney and Justin circa 2001. So I searched around the web and found plenty of inspiration that helped me steer clear of that. Just in case you one day face the same predicament, I thought I would share. Obviously, denim is front and center in all of these outfits!

This Levi’s denim shirt has a cool and unexpected shape.

Try a minimalist version of the more traditional cowboy boot.

These fringe jeans will do all the heavy lifting.

Or, wear whatever, this crossbody fringe bag will take care of everything.

A denim vest can be a little bit rock-n-roll when paired with leather jeans, or it can toughen up a feminine dress.

These dreamcatcher earrings are southwestern and cool (and on sale!)denim duster

What could be more cowboy than a denim duster?


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