Gucci Springs Back to the 70’s Denim for 2015


Everything is a remix. While everyone is singing praises about the 90’s probably a few of us remember that in the 90’s we were all obsessed with the 70’s. Leave it to the house of Gucci to go there. Designer Frida Gianni channels Jimi Hendrix and Sargent Pepper and mixes those marching band/military details with bohemian floral prints and sharp denim dresses reminding me of something Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore Show) would wear. I mean, how much more 70’s can you get with a sharp denim dress and a silk neckerchief?

In true remix form, Gianni does incorporate current denim trends as well, boyfriend jeans, only with a pressed cuff instead of a rolled cuff we’re so used to seeing. And the BUTTONS! Holy moly. Those buttons will make any pair of jeans special.











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  1. September 19, 2014 / 4:33 pm

    Gucci has been off my radar for quite a while… (Since Tom Ford exit)…. however I must say its certainly gaining my attention again!… they have a way of producing what I like to call 70’s lux in a way that lets say Chloe for example will miss…. love this collection…. its good to see them going back to their roots and doing what they are so good at!x

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