Go Wide! Wide Legged Denim Shorts

dakota fanning denim bloomers wide legged

I’m not much of a celebrity stalker when it comes to fashion, but every now and then (like that long denim coat worn by Rihanna) I’ll see something and think… “I need that.”

Last week, Dakota Fanning made waves on the internet with her “Denim Bloomers” Although, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out just WHO designed them (if you know, do tell!). These are not your ordinary denim shorts. While some people are saying they’re extremely wide legged cutoffs, I beg to differ. Even the widest of the 90’s candy raving JNCO jeans never got so wide they flared from the top like that. These are obviously meant to be shorts, like a skater-flare skirt had a baby with a denim short, and this was born.

Now, while you may be┬áthinking this is crazy, but it’s not really. No more than a mini skirt, and certainly no more than shorts. What’s more is that wide-legged denim shorts are all around these days, and they are fan-tastic. Truly flattering (not to mention way more relaxed than tight cut-off shorts! eek!) as well as easy to style. Here are five of my top picks:
wide legged denim shorts denim bloomers

  1. FRAME Le Culotte Shorts, $198.00
  2. Won Hundred Bonny Chambray Shorts, $150.00
  3. Thakoon Scallop Hem Tap Shorts, $650.00
  4. Rachel Comey Rogue Shorts, $241.50
  5. 3×1 Railroad Stripe Track Shorts, $185.00



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