Ganni Does Denim (and it’s on Sale)

Ganni DenimGanni has been on the scene since 2000, but this year has been having a serious moment. The Danish maker of statement dresses, sweaters, pants and more is a current it-girl favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Everything this brand does stops me in my tracks. The sweaters make me wish I still lived on the West Coast. The dresses have appeared on the most fashionable folks on my Instagram feed.

What I didn’t realize is that they also make denim, and unsurprisingly it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and so good.

This red denim shirt, for example—have I ever even seen seen a red denim shirt before? It’s also seasonally appropriate and on sale for $85ganni denim

This jacket is out-of-control cool.

And this printed denim suit situation! The jacket is on sale for $290.

Ganni printed denim

And there’s lots more where that came from, check out all the denim goodness here.


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