From the Vaults: Levi’s Anti-Fit Ad Is Cute (and a Little Gross)

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Ever since I learned the term anti-fit as an alternative to baggy, drop-crotch, oversized, anti-skinny, etc, I’ve been looking for ways to use it but I have the feeling Americans still aren’t familiar with it.

So I was surprised to find this Levi’s ad from 2016 celebrating anti-fit with a funny scene between Dania Ramirez and an actor in very baggy—almost JNCO-level baggy—jeans who does something gross with his hot dog.

The term has also been mentioned in Vogue and Who What Wear in 2017, but it doesn’t really seem to have caught on.

OK here’s the plan: everyone start saying anti-fit instead of baggy, loose, or whatever, and we’ll make it happen! K? Go!
[Photo via Fidelity Denim]


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