Faustine Steinmetz: Denim as Art

faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim9 We all know the usual suspects when it comes to denim. Jeans, jean jackets, denim shirts. Everything evolves at a snail’s pace in the denim world. But we like it that way. Subtle evolutions in fit and fabric to the denim connoisseur is like the notes of fruit and wood to the wino. However, those evolutions would never make big leaps without fashion designers, real designers, who think of fashion as an art form. One of which is Faustine Steinmetz whose Spring ’15 collection focuses on denim.  Made of destructed denim, frayed layers, and denim yarn formed onto tailored pieces, this collection questions the very foundation of a pair of jeans. Steinmetz told Dazed Digital, “All the yarns are made from recycled denim,” she explains of her process. “We unravelled the old denim and used traditional pleating and hand stitching techniques.” Of course, it’s not for everyone to wear on the streets, but couldn’t you see a bit of detailing here in your wardrobe? faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim7faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim8 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim6 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim5 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim4 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim2 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim faustine_steinmetz_ss15 All Images from Dazed Digital


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