Everyone’s Talking About Jessica Jones’ Jeans

I had zero knowledge of Jessica Jones, the Marvel show on Netflix or the character played by Krysten Ritter, until people started paying attention to her jeans. And now I totally want to watch the show, which is apparently about a dark and tortured female superhero/private investigator stomping the present-day streets of New York City in engineer boots and distressed jeans.

And she stomps those streets wearing mostly the same style of jeans, at times more distressed or more bloody than others. During the first season, she apparently wore the same Citizens of Humanity jeans, which threw the show’s costume designer, Stephanie Maslansky, into a tizzy when the label discontinued the style. Maslansky told Fashionista she bought up 20 pairs for Ritter and her stunt doubles, resorting to Amazon searches to find the exact style.

A reporter at New York magazine’s Vulture finds them terrible. He has written not one but two articles about the jeans.

For the second season of Jessica Jones, the show has a new costume designer, Liz Vastola, who has taken the denim level up a notch and made them black. Jones now wears R13, the Japanese-inspired brand with a cult following and a higher price tag.

The bottom line when it comes to Jones’ jeans is that she does not give a shit about them. Whatever’s least dirty and in closest proximity when she rolls out of bed will do. Despite herself, she looks very cool.

Vastola describes the jeans as not “on-the-nose” on trend, which is really the definition of cool. Exactly on trend is follower style, which is perhaps fashionable but not really cool. Slightly off-trend and not giving a shit is cool-girl style. I’ll take the latter any day of the week! And I wouldn’t mind some super powers, too.











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