Erin Dixon of Dossier Journal Does Denim

Often times, we come across street walkers with excellent style, but it can be as tedious as finding a needle in a hay stack on some days. Catching up with a fashion girl in NYC can almost be just as hard due to hectic scheduling, but it’s definitely worth our while. These are the girls who are behind the scenes and fully immersed in a fashion filled life that can translate into great effortless style…

Meet style editor Erin Dixon of Dossier Journal. Dossier is run by intellectual Brooklyn, creative types who offer a different edge when it comes to style. Erin helps to produce this avant garde aesthetic of unique voices who discuss topics such as Madame Grès at Musée Bourdelle, vintage time pieces, hot editorials and interviews with the likes of Sara Battaglia and much, much more… All blood boiling content that boast an artsy, cultural flair.

Naturally, after loving Dossier Journal since it’s birth, meeting with Erin was an honor. A pit stop to a Lower East Side, Manhattan coffee shop and a few snaps later by Jennine produced a fun outing with another who enjoys her denim style almost as much as we do. Erin’s denim pairings of basic black allows her layered jewelry and leopard heels to really stand out, but (according to us) the jeans always make the outfit and here’s why:

Erin Dixon: I love my R13 jeans because…

  • They get better with age (both the wash and the denim).
  • They can be worn with heels or flats.
  • They look well loved, even prior to purchase, but never old.
  • The wash recalls classic Levi’s blue jeans, but they’re flattering.
  • They are made to be worn multiple times before washing, which is both ecological and time saving.

Clothing Credits:
Long-sleeved t-shirt, Acne. Wool fringe jacket, Apiece Apart. Jeans, R13 Denim. Heels, Gucci. Thicker gold necklace, Maria Francesca Pepe. Chunky cross necklace, small chain and rings, Erin’s own. Bag, Catherine Loiret.

What are your thoughts on Erin’s personal denim style and why do you love your favorite pair of denim the most?

images by Jennine Jacob



  1. Mac
    April 1, 2011 / 7:56 pm

    I am not one for fashion per se. That is to say I wake up and put on a t shirt about a movie or a button down and a cardigan. The one consistent piece of my wardrobe is my jeans. But stalker-like I have been following this courtesy of a friend of mine and even though I may not appreciate that much about denim, catching people on the street in their casual wear is an interesting point. Denim street style seems to really be about people in transition, in other words: no one is wearing what some people call (and crucify me for mincing terms) high fashion in their everyday arsenal. The way they use their denim, in a comfortable setting, is what captures my attention because its how they wear their clothing as they have to get from point A to point B in their regular day filled with normal people shit to do, that fascinates me, us. This is an accessible fashion.

  2. April 4, 2011 / 9:13 am

    She looks fab and I looooooove her shoes!!!

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