Emmanuelle Alt’s Denim Uniform



When it comes to fashion people, you’ll either get the ones who wear outrageous never-the-same-look-twice outfits (Anna Dello Russo), or the ones wear the same thing all the time (Karl Lagerfeld), and but there are only a few that wear outfits that are totally wearable by everyone, yet completely iconic. Such is Emmanuelle Alt. Editor-in-Chief at Paris Vogue since 2011, she is a fixture on the street style blogs during fashion month. Always wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a sharp blazer or coat and tee-shirt with heels. It’s almost so simple it’s crazy, yet with her Parisian je ne sais quoi there is nothing basic about her style. That said, I believe she’s one fashion icon worth emulating, since basically with her limited color palette and classic pieces are fool proof, even for the most outrageous fashionista or the shyest wallflower.


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