Denim Trend: Cuff Girls

By Ann of Holier than Now

So I had an unfortunate incident this weekend that involved fully throwing a perfectly good pair of jeans in the garbage.  It involved someone aged 3 with a problem of the tummy variety – we’ll leave it at that.  In any case, I now have an excuse to ponder the hole in my wardrobe left when these wide legs went in the trash … they were of the slightly belled variety, and I realized that I actually can’t imagine myself replacing them with another trendy flare.  For whatever reason that silhouette doesn’t strike my fancy right now … so I’m gravitating to a wider leg that I can cuff, like the above.

I think a cuffed straight legged jean really shows off your shoes, which is fun for summer, and it’s a great investment for year-round.  My top tip for buying into this trend is to bypass the cropped jeans trend, which are often merchandised cuffed like this.  Don’t be fooled by the cuff!  You should be able to wear your straight legs long OR cuffed at exactly the level you want – lower, higher, whatever strikes you, so keep your options open with a full length jean.                                                                                                                          

Here are 3 picks in a range of widths:

1. Blank Denim Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans ($78)

2  MiH Halsy Vintage Straight Leg Jeans ($176)

3. Current/Elliot The Ankle Skinny Jeans ($298)


Image credits: Vanessa JackmanStockholm Street StyleStreetpeeper


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