Denim Tips: Chambray Shirt + Shift Dress

Layering in the summer is tricky. It requires a delicate balance of fabric selection and sleeve length – color choice and …

Just kidding. It’s not that complicated at all, and should be as easy and breezy as a lazy Saturday afternoon in August. One of my favorite layering pieces year-round is a chambray or denim shirt, and I’m sure it’s one of yours, too. Worn open or closed, over or under, it’s got that special magic that allows it to look good with everything.

My go-to is this boyfriend fit shirt from Madewell, and I’ve worn it on ESD many times (here and here, for example). Today it’s pretty humid in the city, so I’m wearing it open over a very breezy shift that’s also from Madewell (notice how the hems echo each other?).

This is an outfit that could definitely be belted for a more fitted and flattering look depending on your body type – but I enjoy the freedom and comfort of these boxy shapes – especially when it’s hot! I especially love the color contrast of the light wash denim and coral of the dress, and I can even see myself pairing this same combination over a pair of denim leggings come fall – can’t you?

How do you layer your denim in the summer?

[Images by Amanda Boyce]



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