Denim Style: Wit & Whimsy

Picking up and moving clear across the country is a huge endeavor. A new city, a new climate, a new style? Meghan of Wit & Whimsy, formerly of San Francisco and currently of New York City has mastered the transition seamlessly. Her style mixes a little East and a little West; taking fashionable pieces from ESD favorites like True Religion and 7 for All Mankind and spinning them into perfectly balanced looks. I caught up with Meghan recently to talk current cravings, tried-and-true brands, and the boot-bunching issue.

What’s your denim philosophy?

I like my denim to play more of a supporting role, rather than the lead. It should be complimentary and versatile and most importantly, comfortable!

What do you wear with denim?

Better yet, what don’t I wear with denim?! I rely on my denim jacket to pair with spring & summer frocks and I love wearing jeans with booties & feminine blouses and structured jackets throughout the Fall and Winter.

What are your favorite brands?

My favorite denim brand of all time is 7 for All Mankind.

Tell us about the jeans you wear most often?

My go-tos are my 7 for All Mankind “The Skinnys”. They are so comfortable and soft it’s like wearing a pair of leggings. They are also perfect for wearing with tall boots- they fit perfectly without having to worry about the dreaded bunching!

What is on your denim wish list?

A pair of J Brand red skinny jeans!


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