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Over here at ESD, we love to eat almost as much as we love denim. Hence why we love Sugar Laws. Katy Atlas has found the sweet spot where personal style meets meets personal taste, literally. She posts delicious recipes and chic outfits that we can’t help but try to recreate. Her denim style evolves with the seasons, so we caught up with her this week to find out what she wears, when.

What’s your denim philosophy?

Comfort is key!  Jeans are so amazing for the days that you want to look great and stay comfortable, and I have my favorite go-to shorts, skinnies and boot cuts depending on my mood and the time of the year!  Also, what else in your closet can work that well year-round?

What do you wear with denim?

Everything from cute tops to my favorite over-the-knee boots!  During the summer, I love to pair worn-in jean shorts with loose, flowy tops and espadrilles — the perfect way to show a little leg while still looking cute and relaxed.  And any season, high heels are a must!  I’m only 5’3″, so I always tailor my jeans to be the perfect length… plus four or five inches to account for my heels.
What are your favorite brands?

I have amazing pairs from J. Brand, Hudson, and Juicy Couture (yes, they make more than tracksuits)!  My favorite denim shorts are about five years old and from Abercrombie, and I just got the most amazing purple denim shorts from J. Brand — I’ve been living in them!

Tell us about the jeans you wear most often?

This summer, I’ve worn denim shorts to basically everything — they’re perfect with a zillion accessories for a downtown-y look, or just with a comfy tee for Sunday brunch.  I love wearing my shorts a little loose in summer — I generally buy them a size larger than I would with full-length denim — to keep them casual and laid back.

What’s on your denim wish list?

The perfect pair of white jeans — it’s been too hot for them this summer, but I want them for the fall!  I’ve also tried on about ten pairs of red skinny jeans without finding the perfect one yet, but I keep hoping the next pair will be the charm!

[Images via SugarLaws.]

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