Denim Style: Lovely Wanderlust

Emily and Abigail from The Lovely Wanderlust girls are two stylish ladies. When they’re not in huge puffy tutu’s they’re rocking a dark/grungy yet stylish look. They wander the streets of NYC with their photographer Scott and put together great photo shoots. Want to know another great thing? They love denim.

ESD: What’s your denim philosophy?

Lovely Wanderlust: Our denim philosophy is stud it, rip it, or dip it.

ESD: What do you wear with denim?

Lovely Wanderlust: We usually pair our denim with leather and chains… we usually pair everything with leather and chains.

ESD: What are your favorite brands?

Lovely Wanderlust: Our number one brand is Levi’s. Vintage!

ESD: Tell us about the jeans you wear most often?

Lovely Wanderlust: The jeans we wear most are a pair of Elizabeth & James flares. Perfect for sky-high pumps and a tiny tank.

ESD: What is on your denim wish list?

Lovely Wanderlust: Our denim wish-list includes the perfect pair of overalls, and of course tie-dye Balmain.

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