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Denim Style: …Love Maegan

by Kristen Philipkoski

During my trip to Los Angeles, I stopped over to visit one of my favorite bloggers, …love maegan. If you haven’t been to her blog, make your way over (after you read this post), because it’s such a delight to see a style blogger wearing stylish and wearable clothes, doing fun DIY projects of things you’d really want to wear, and it’s always a good read. I first fell in love with the blog a few years ago, when she was still doing webcam shots of her outfits, one of the things that always drew me in was Maegan’s ability to articulate an outfit without making it costumey or outrageous for every day wear.

It was the first time I met Maegan in real life, and it was amazing how looks even more amazing in person, and she’s really fun to talk to…we totally got carried away catching up on everything else, I almost forgot to interview her about how she wears denim. But no…we did talk denim.

I asked her how putting a outfit with denim was different than without. She said, “You can put a super dressy shoe and a blazer with them and they still have a casual vibe, because of the jeans. If you wear a trouser with the the same shoes with a blazer, it’s much more fancy. The denim sort of brings it down, you can still be presentable and look like you’re dressed up, but casually, maybe that’s the LA thing? You’re ‘done,’ but you don’t want to look ‘done.'”

Here Maegan wears her new favorite pair of jeans,  Paige Premium Denim Debonaire, 11′ inch, ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ wash.  “They’re so comfortable, they give no muffin top.” She bought the jeans online, where she says she does a majority of her shopping (as many bloggers do)  Booties from Boutique9. I love the chains, and how well they work with the skinny jean.

“Because I shop online, I usually look at the model’s body and see if her body is like mine, whereas if I go to the mall I would probably try on 20 pairs…” She goes on to explain the advantage of buying premium denim,  “I feel like less expensive jeans have the stretch problem, the stretch sort of bags out. That’s why I stopped buying cheaper jeans. [With premium denim] I end up wearing them enough they pay for themselves, that’s why I spend more on jeans. I feel like I bought my original J Brands in 2006.”

J Brand Wide Legged Jeans

J Brand  wide-legged jean “…makes you look tall and lean, more fitted on top. There has to be a certain look or you end up looking sloppy. I like the 70’s silhouete.” Here she’s wearing the jeans with a cut out blazer, chiffon top, and Miu Miu wooden platforms.

Of course we had to get another shoe shot… These look so great with a more trouser like jean.

miu miu platforms

Of course, not all denim is about jeans… one of my favorite wardrobe essentials is the denim shirt. Maegan found vintage denim shirt at a thrift store, and pairs it so well with a scalloped dress. It’s such an easy way to layer up a mini dress to feel more covered up and still maintain the breeziness of summer style.

For more of Maegan’s style, visit her blog at


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