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I was wondering around the internet the other day, jumping from blogroll to blogroll, looking for something exciting and chic, when I landed on Hey Pretty Thing. Behold, a chic personal style blogger in Seattle! Imagine my joy and delight to know that someone, her name is Carolyn, has been dressing up (and dressing down) and helping Seattle’s sartorial rep. Our fair city has a bit of a Patagonia, Teva sandals, or way-too-hipster stereotype, and Carolyn shows it for what it really is – modern, paired down and cool. I caught up with Carolyn to get her thoughts on spring denim, and reminisce a little about the Pacific Northwest.

What is your denim philosophy?

Denim is that classic yet versatile look I like wearing to shake up a prim and proper outfit. Pairing a sweet blouse and heels with some destroyed jeans makes for a more interesting and daytime-approrpriate look.

What do you wear with your denim?

Everything! I have denim in anything from a denim corset to a denim blazer — I wear the denim blazer with girly silk shorts, and the denim corset with a leather pencil skirt for an edgy feminine look.

What are your favorite denim brands?

I love Rag & Bone, Acne, and Forever 21 (the best cheap one-stop shop for trendy jeans like florals, neon, pastel, and distressed).

Do you have a very favorite pair of jeans?

My Rag & Bone jeggings, they’re like my second skin!

Tell us a little about the jeans you wear the most often?

Same answer as above. Whoever invented jeggings is genius… Gotta love the look of everyday jeans with yoga-pants stretch.

What’s on your denim wish list?

I’ve been in love with the Acne chambray blazer + shorts suit, and their destroyed denim jacket, skirt (posted on ESD here), and jeans.

Did you have a favorite denim trend for Spring?

I have a pair of floral Rebecca Minkoff cutoff shorts that I can’t wait to sport once the sun is out to stay.

Do you remember the first pair of jeans you ever owned?

As a kid I had my favorite pair of jeans, nothing special, simple, classic blue, but I wore them out so much they were personally distressed, and I had my mom sew patches over the holes so I could keep wearing them. Then sometime in junior high when all things get real awkward, I remember owning these awful/awesome glitter jeans… did anyone else have those?


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