Denim Style: Blushing Ambition

What is your denim philosophy?

I like to feel comfortable in what I’m in. If I have to keep adjusting myself while feeling self conscious the outfit isn’t worth wearing to me.

What do you wear with your denim?

Depends on the type of outfit: on an every day basis I usually wear a simple t-shirt with jeans (and a cardigan if it’s chilly or parka if it’s colder) but I can easiy take most of my jeans and dress them up with a silk shirt, blazer, and heels.

What are your favorite denim brands?

Acne, A.P.C., Hudson, April 77, Siwy, Gap, Citizens of Humanity, Current/Elliott.

Do you have a very favorite pair of jeans?

My favorite pair would probably be my black Acne Hex jeans for sentimental reasons. They were my first Christmas present from my boyfriend when we started dating but I’d gained a couple extra pounds so they didn’t fit when I first received them. After a while I decided to get back in shape and was super stoked when they finally fit comfortably.

Tell us a little about the jeans you wear the most often?

Lately I’ve been a little lazy and have been wearing my Hudson Nico jeans everywhere since they’re really stretchy and comfy, albeit, a little too comfy at times. I think I fell asleep in them once.

What’s on your denim wish list?

The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Most of the ones that I’ve tried on are too baggy and I’ve yet to find a pair that fits me well. Any suggestions?

Do you remember the first pair of jeans you ever owned?

I think the first time I ever picked out a pair of jeans on my own it was a pair of l.e.i. flares in grade school. Do they still make those? They were stretchy and whiskered in the front, totally awesome. Going back further, my mom always bought me Levi’s jeans for as long as I can remember. I think at one point our entire family only wore Levi’s, haha.


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  1. December 22, 2011 / 5:48 am

    Great interview: and it’s true, the perfect boyfriend jeans are hard to find. After purchasing a few losers in the fit department, I eventually found the perfect pair by a little known Italian brand called Nell & Me: they had been bringing out reworked vintage Levis with embellishments for a few seasons before they were even in again, and lo and behold I found the perfect pair (and obviously bought two of them, because the cardinal rule with jeans is ‘try, try try” and when you find the right pair ‘buy, buy, buy!’). Keep on looking, you will find them!

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