Denim Street Style Roundup: Mens Fashion Week 2015




Men like to complain about, not having as many “options” as women. As a mother of a boy, I can see right from the beginning that the selection is probably half what females are given right from birth. That said, I’ve found that styling his wardrobe is truly gratifying as I delve into textures and classic colors. The truth is, menswear is really having a moment and believe it, women are watching and taking cues.

Fashion Week is always a bit of a freak show, but at the same time more subdued at mens fashion week. You’ll see a lot more texture, pattern mixing that doesn’t hurt one’s eyes, and crazy details noticeable if you really look. Also the denim. My favorites were the denim scarf, the denim jacket under blazer, and of course the prevalence of the wide cropped jean.


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