Denim Street Style Roundup: LFW Fall 2015



London has always been the wild child of the fashion weeks. This year, while they continued to keep their edge, things seemed a bit toned down stylewise. Maybe this is the anti-circus trend? Or maybe street style is just “normalizing” either way, one thing is for certain, I’m loving the denim on the streets.

The wide crop made it’s appearance in more than one place this year, both the frayed hem variety and the clean hem. There were some denim paneling, but mostly there were interesting “color blocking” made by denim washes, you know that look when you unroll a hem and the once-hidden folds are more indigo. That, but amplified.

I liked this season’s subdued looks. It just seems more “real.”



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Image sources: Elle UK,, Harpers Bazaar


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