Denim Pairings: Cheap Monday Style

It’s a beautiful Monday in NYC, however don’t let the sun deceive you if you happen to be looking out the window… It’s cold! Before this post turns into a rant about how the weather needs to heat up (but seriously, what the hell!), let me welcome  you to the 3rd and final Monday series of our Cheap Monday showroom visits.  We’ve talked about the denim jacket and adding color to you wash thus far, so today, it only seems natural to talk about what to wear accessory wise with your denim. Swoon, just kidding, but really – I was impressed with the goods.

Who knew Cheap Monday produced more than just jeans (well actually we did, but still not in this capacity!) – there was racks upon racks of selections… no joke. I’ve felt the need, recently, to amp up my accessories. I’ve got my trusty staples (that is to say, these staples consist namely of denim…) but it was almost like I was still missing something. Gathering tops and such started to fill the gap, but after taking a trip to a store in Nolita that only carries accessories, I realized what I was missing! Yes, accessories – new shoes, bracelets, rings, cuffs, necklaces, bags, etc. The good stuff:


Bucket bags that actually can be worn like a back pack. Cute right? I liked these for simple everyday wear when you need to lug around a girly selective of important nonsense. Also, I really believe the bag you carry says tons about your most inner personality. It kind of slots the type of girl you are. (An example would be black calf leather and studs with a shoulder strap. Meaning I like nice soft things, but I’m still fierce. Watch out.)


I recently bought a new cuff that is now sort of turning into my signature piece… Meaning, adding bold jewelery can give almost any bland outfit a cooler edge. I’m liking the toolbox nuts and bolts look lately. It kind of feels like I raided my fathers shed for odds and ends, but whatever works, right?


These boots are very combat, military like. I’d probably feel powerful when wearing these and that’s what counts in an outfit. The feelings your sartorial choices evoke. I envision these with skinnies tucked in and lots of layers up top or cut off shorts when it actually gets warmer and socks peeking out the top.

Do you ever feel like your missing something in your wardrobe? How do you fill the void?

Images by Nando Alvarez


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