Denim Icon: Jane Birkin


Hermes named a bag after her… but looking through the photos, I’m pretty shocked there isn’t a “Birkin” denim style. You know instead of 5-pocket jeans, or bootcuts, or skinny jeans, flared jeans, there’s not a style “Birkin.” Because that woman wears jeans so much, she should have really started her own denim label.

Other than being a timeless beauty, Jane Birkin has timeless style. How do I judge timeless? Well, if she was abducted by time travelers in the 70’s and dropped in the middle of 2014, she’d still fit right in. Her denim looks would still make the street style blogs any day of the week. That’s how powerful it is. And not only that… in a time where photos weren’t really taken by the thousands (remember film, how we only got 36 shots per roll?) There are SO many photos of Jane Birkin wearing jeans. So many. Like this post basically wrote itself so many.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

janebirkin_denim21 janebirkin_denim20 janebirkin_denim19 janebirkin_denim18 janebirkin_denim17
janebirkin_denim15 janebirkin_denim14

janebirkin_denim16 janebirkin_denim13

janebirkin_denim7 janebirkin_denim12 janebirkin_denim11janebirkin_denim9 janebirkin_denim8
janebirkin_denim3 janebirkin_denim2 janebirkin_denim1 tumblr_lyf2emOuFs1r5vw38o1_500 ARCHIVES - SERGE GAINSBOURG ET JANE BIRKIN AU PALACE






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