Denim Icon: Daria Warbowy



Everyone looks good in jeans. Everyone. But few people embody the effortlessness of the denim spirit like Daria Werbowy. She’s not a stranger on this blog, one of our favorite Canadians and models, she can make a pair of jeans and look fashion forward where the rest of us might just look like we’re going to the super market. I guess that’s what makes a model a super model! Over the years, she’s been the face of nearly every fashion brand, but recently she’s made waves with her self-portraits for Equipment (she began modeling to fund her art school education… so makes sense she’d be a great photographer!). Even though I’m not a huuuge fan of Mango, the campaigns she’s done with them area all amazing. And let’s not forget about that campaign with AG Jeans, I still think about that double denim look when deciding what to wear in the morning.



daria_werbowy_denim20daria_werbowy_denim19daria_werbowy_denim18daria_werbowy_denim22   daria_werbowy_denim17 daria_werbowy_denim16 daria_werbowy_denim15 daria_werbowy_denim14 daria_werbowy_denim13 daria_werbowy_denim12 daria_werbowy_denim11 daria_werbowy_denim10 daria_werbowy_denim9 daria_werbowy_denim8 daria_werbowy_denim7 daria_werbowy_denim6 daria_werbowy_denim5 daria_werbowy_denim4 daria_werbowy_denim3 daria_werbowy_denim2 daria_werbowy_denim21


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