Denim Girl Crush: Alexa Chung


To be honest, I really don’t know WHAT Alexa Chung is famous for. Other than always looking fabulous. She’s kind of one of my secret (but ok, not so secret now) girl crushes. I always bring photos of her when I get my hair colored. Her and Freja Beha Erichsen. And like Freja, Alexa Chung has a habit of wearing denim all the time. She tends to be spotted in overalls or denim shorts, but she also is a lover of skinny jeans and chambray shirts. She keeps it simple, but with this Zoey Deschanel twee thing going without being too girly. I love her balance between playful and chic, as it’s a hard line to walk.

alexa_chung_denim17 alexa_chung_denim16 alexa_chung_denim14alexa_chung_denim15  alexa_chung_denim13 alexa_chung_denim11  alexa_chung_denim12alexa_chung_denim10 alexa_chung_denim9 alexa_chung_denim8 alexa_chung_denim7 alexa_chung_denim6 alexa_chung_denim4alexa_chung_denim5  alexa_chung_denim3 alexa_chung_denim2 alexa_chung_denim1


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