Denim Fur Is a Thing Worth Knowing About

ISKO is the world’s largest producer of denim, and it has teamed up with designer Tiziano Guardini to create a “denim fur” using certified organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled cotton. The team hopes it can reduce the amount of real fur used on runways.

Guardini has long been interested in cruelty-free, sustainable fashion—his first design was made of pine needles.

“We believe that denim ‘fur’ can be a responsible, fun, hype and cruelty-free alternative to animal fur,” Fabio Di Liberto, brand director of ISKO told The Independent.

“Western countries do not need to use animal furs but some fashion houses continue to do so,” Di Liberto said. “I’m hoping that by creating a sustainable alternative such as denim fur we will be able to show people that fur alternatives are just as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as the real thing.”

Other designers including Ksenia Schnaider have also toyed with the concept—check out this (unfortunately sold out) denim fur coat.


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