Denim Brand to Know Now: SLVRLAKE

SLVRLAKE Beatnik jeans, $299

SLVRLAKE is a new brand of jeans and if you have any familiarity with the city of Los Angeles I bet you can guess where it’s from. Yep, that would be the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. But the brand’s husband and wife team founders actually hail from the U.K., and they have some major denim chops.

Louise and Gary Edgley launched SLVRLAKE in 2018, after both spending their careers focused on denim. Louise studied fashion a fit expert and Gary is a former buying manager at Browns and Selfridges.

They’ve been written up everywhere from Vogue to Forbes, and can be found at all of the top-tier shopping destinations on your regular rotation.

What I love about these jeans is their laid-back aesthetic. They don’t feel over-styled or too-trendy. They on trend enough to appear current, but relaxed enough to be extremely cool.

Here are a few of my favorite silhouettes! Slvrlake jeans Slvrlake jeans Slvrlake jeans Slvrlake jeans


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